Our Mission

The purpose of the "Society" is to provide foster care, adoptions and/or the placement of animals that the "Society" rescues from any animal facility within Levy County. Funds will be used to facilitate the needs of rescued animals. The "Society" also will provide education on the topics of animal care spay/ neuter, animal cruelty and general animal welfare. The mission of the "Society" is to encourage humane care and treatment to all animals.

A Mission Statement is defined as an organizations goals and objectives. The Humane Society with dedicated and responsible individuals are working hard to fulfill these goals and objectives one day at a time. By being physically responsible with our current funds and understanding the long term goals of the Society, we are moving forward to see the mission statement fulfilled within the Society's means.


What to Expect

Re-Home Unwanted Pets

Facilitate Adoptions to pets left unwanted.

Reduce Statistics

By sterilizing animals, this helps reduce shelter numbers at Levy County Animal Services.

Raise Awareness

Educating the importance of spay and neuter and becoming a sustainable organization for the future.


The Humane Society is a seperate entity(buisness) than Levy County Animal Services.


Thank you so much for allowing me to adopt Princess/Itzy. We are in love with each other and she has enriched my life tremendously.
Suzanne new adopter

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Humane Society By-Laws
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